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'''Emily Pauline Johnson''' (also known in Mohawk as '''''Tekahionwake''''' –pronounced: ''dageh-eeon-wageh'', literally: 'double-life')[ Pauline Johnson Archive: Tekahionwake], "Tekahionwake: an Indian Poetess in London", Archives and Research Collections, McMaster University. Retrieved 15 November 2009 (10 March 1861 – 7 March 1913), commonly known as '''E. Pauline Johnson''' or just '''Pauline Johnson''', was a Canadians|Canadian writer and performer popular in the late 19th century. Johnson was notable for her poems and performances that celebrated her Aboriginal peoples in Canada|Aboriginal heritage; her father was a hereditary Mohawk people|Mohawk chief of mixed ancestry. She also drew from English influences, as her mother was an English people|English immigrant. One such poem is the frequently anthologized "wikisource:The Song my Paddle Sings|The Song My Paddle...
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Pseudonym| birth_name = Emily Pauline Johnson
Birth date{{birth date|1861|3|10|df=y}}
Birth placeSix Nations of the Grand River|Six Nations, Ontario
Death date{{death date and age|1913|3|7|1861|3|10|df=y}}
Death placeVancouver, British Columbia
Resting placeStanley Park, Vancouver
Occupation| language = Mohawk language|Mohawk,English language|English
EthnicityMohawk people|Mohawk/English people|English
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